Beardsley Zoo hosts an annual ‘Party for the Planet’ ahead of Earth Day activities

The Beardsley Zoo held its annual “Party for the Planet” ahead of Earth Day on Saturday.

Visitors to the zoo could obtain free vegetable, tree and flower seeds to plant at home.

They also stopped at various tents for educational activities.

Some suppliers participated by sharing their green efforts.

Part of the Beardsley event also included volunteers cleaning up the Pequonock River.

Volunteers also collected around 800 kilos of litter from the Beardsley Park area.

“We want to inspire the young people, we want to inspire the adults too, and there was a lot of enthusiasm early in the morning to look at what we collected here and took out of the park,” said Carolyn Rinaldi, associate curator of education at the Beardsley Zoo.

The zoo will host another pollinator educational event this Saturday, April 27, to conclude its Earth Month events.