A8 near Sattledt: Mother and son (6) injured in tractor-trailer collision

The German was driving her car on the highway towards Graz around 7:45 p.m. Her son (6) was in the car. In Sattledt, a 49-year-old truck driver made a momentous lane change with his tractor-trailer: apparently due to dusk and heavy rain, the man had overlooked the woman’s car, which was thrown into a guardrail by the collision in front . onto the road, came to a stop in the second lane.

The articulated vehicle stopped on the emergency lane. The 45-year-old and her son were injured in the collision and had to be taken to hospital by the rescue team after receiving first aid.

The section of the highway between A8 and A9 was completely closed for a short time to record the accident. The car was no longer drivable and had to be towed away. The truck driver escaped without injury and was able to continue his journey.


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