Justice for Meyiwa | Cell phone records in the spotlight

JOHANNESBURG – Suspect 3 Mthobisi Mncube’s phone was inactive for more than half a day in the hours and minutes leading up to the murder of Senzo Meyiwa, that is the evidence of Vodacom official Pinky Vythilingam.

She says the phone didn’t become active until the next day.

Vythilingam’s evidence also apparently confirmed one of the suspect’s alleged whereabouts that afternoon.

The court zeroed in on Mncube’s mobile phone records in the run-up to and after Meyiwa’s murder.

The phone calls between accused 3 Mthobisi Mncube and accused 5 Fisokuhle Ntuli on the day of Meyiwa’s murder came under renewed scrutiny as a Vodacom forensic officer returned to the witness box.

A previous mobile phone data analyst, Gideon Gouws, revealed three calls in the day, two of which were made by Mncube in Vosloorus just hours before Meyiwa’s murder, while a third call was made by Ntuli later in the day.

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But Vythilingam’s evidence also pointed to another phone call between the two men, with Ntuli using another number that he admitted was his.

Records also show that the two men were at a George Goch hostel in the early evening, confirming Ntuli’s earlier claims that he was not in Vosloorus at the time.

The state alleges Mncube is the armed intruder who shot and killed Meyiwa that day, naming Suspect 5 as the coordinator of a hit orchestrated by Meyiwa’s then-girlfriend, singer Kelly Khumalo.

But Mncube’s records show his phone was inactive at the time, with his last location in Johannesburg.

The trial continues on Wednesday.