Harassment of young women caught on camera

Most of the time I can go about the world and my own life undisturbed. But all it takes is one jerk who goes too far to ruin it for everyone. And as a woman, I’m all too familiar with the kind of harassment we can receive just walking around and going about our daily activities.

If you don’t believe this is a common occurrence among younger women, ask any of them in your life to tell you if they’ve ever been verbally abused or harassed in public, and I can almost guarantee they’ll have a story. Although everything is going well for this teenage girl, luckily she was brave enough to capture the moment a Michigan man took things to an inappropriate place.

The 17-year-old from Warren Michigan shared on social media an encounter she had with a stranger who stopped to talk to her on her way home from school. The video starts with their exchange already in progress, and she immediately calls him “creepy,” which doesn’t stop the guy.

“I think you’re so sexy, and you look cold”

She then goes on to say that she is only 17 years old and in high school, which should have stopped any decent man. Instead, he follows up with a question that made my skin crawl while watching the video

‘So? Have you ever been with a real man?’

Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting. Not only knowing that she is underage, but considering that there is such an age difference with her, it shows that this man had no remorse for his actions.
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The video, which was picked up by several news outlets, was also shared with police in Warren, who are actively searching for the man who crossed the border with the teen. Luckily, she was smart enough to say something, but others he encounters may not be so lucky.

You can watch the awkward encounter here:

In case you need a reminder, talk to the teens and young women in your life about what to do if someone tries to approach or pick them up. Here are a few tips you can share if you’re not sure what to do yourself.

If you see something, say something ladies. We don’t deserve this kind of harassment, especially as minors.

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