What to buy on a tax-free vacation in Florida to prepare for a flood


Florida’s sales tax exemption for disaster preparedness began at the beginning of the month.

The holiday was created to encourage Floridians to prepare their severe weather gear early in case of summer storms.

As Collier County and Lee County prepare for possible flooding this week, you can still take advantage of the disaster preparedness sales tax exemption through the 14th.

Here’s what you need to know about the holidays and what to buy to prepare for heavy rain and flooding.

How does the tax holiday work in Florida?

Governor Ron DeSantis signed a bill last week declaring that Florida will have two tax-free periods for hurricane preparedness.

The first is from June 1 to June 14 and the second is from August 24 to September 6.

This does not mean that everything is tax free during these times, only eligible deliveries.

What can I buy during the tax-free periods?

Only eligible items are tax exempt. Here’s the list.

  • Self-powered lights $40 or less.
  • Powered portable radio, two-way radio or weather band radio costing $50 or less.
  • A tarp or other flexible waterproof tarp retailing for $100 or less.
  • An item normally sold as, or generally advertised as, a ground anchor system or mounting kit with a retail price of $100 or less.
  • A gasoline or diesel fuel tank with a retail price of $50 or less.
  • A package of AA cell, AAA cell, C cell, D cell, 6-volt, or 9-volt batteries, excluding automotive and boat batteries, with a retail price of $50 or less.
  • A non-electric food cooler with a retail price of $60 or less.
  • A portable generator used to provide light or communications or to preserve food in the event of a power outage with a retail price of $3,000 or less.
  • Reusable ice retailing for $20 or less.
  • A portable power bank with a retail price of $60 or less.
  • A smoke alarm or smoke detector with a retail price of $70 or less.
  • A fire extinguisher with a retail price of $70 or less.
  • A carbon monoxide detector retailing for $70 or less.
  • Water, minimum three-day supply of one gallon per person per day
  • Food, at least a three-day supply of non-perishable, easy-to-prepare food
  • Flashlight
  • Radio on batteries or with hand crank
  • Extra batteries
  • first aid kit
  • Medicines, at least a seven day supply
  • Sanitary facilities and personal hygiene items
  • Emergency blanket
  • Multifunctional tool
  • Additional cell phone chargers

How much rain will Naples get this week?

Six to nine inches of rain are forecast to fall in Southwest Florida between Tuesday morning and Wednesday evening.

The heavy rain will continue through Friday.

Some forecasts say Southwest Florida could see as much as 6 to 8 inches of rain during the week. In fact, AccuWeather warned that nearly two feet of rain could fall in certain areas.

“The bullseye is in southwest Florida along the Gulf Coast,” said Bernie Rayno, AccuWeather’s Chief On Air Meteorologist.

‘There won’t be much severe weather. The major threat is flooding. Warm air at the surface and cold air aloft create a very unstable atmosphere. With a dip in the jet stream this far south, it will attract a lot of people. tropical moisture north into Florida.”